Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The early bird... doesn't work for me


It's no secret that for outdoor photography, sunlight is very important. And most of you probably also know that the best times are during the 'golden hour' which is just before sunset and just after sunrise.

I usually shoot my pictures and videos in the evening, because that's when I (and my photographing friends) have time. :-P

Now, I don't know if it's true, but some have said that the light during sunrise is even prettier than during the evening.. so I decided to try that. Now, I'm known for a lot of things.. but me being a cheery and active morning person ain't one of them!

So, I don't know.. perhaps the sunrise light might be nicer.. but I think I look better at 8 in the evening than 5 in the morning! Perhaps I needed more coffee... or perhaps I should have used the light in a different way. I'm not convinced yet.

Also, I'll be going on a small holiday to France soon. And I will test if the light is different than over here in the Netherlands. I'm a practical scientist,.. so that means lots of experiments! ;-)

I'll probably try photography at sunrise a few more times.. if I manage to drag myself out of my bed again at this early hour.

Do you have any favourite times for photography? And what are your lighting tips? Share.. and help spread the knowledge around! :)

Also shot some video clips during the morning 'golden hour'.. do you see any difference?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The princess is not in another castle


Okay okay, let me stop you right here.. I would never say of myself that I am a princess. It's just that I'm a huge fan of Super Mario Bros.. and of course, at the end of each level, Princess Peach was never there! Ah.. childhood memories! :-P

As far as I'm concerned, there are only thee actual Dutch princesses of whom the oldest will be our new Queen. And yes, I know.. the Mother of the King and her sisters (and the wives of all the King's brothers and cousins) are also called princesses. But that doesn't count. ;-)

Anyhoo, after this small lecture into the #1 classic game and the Dutch monarchy, let me tell you about the photos and outfit in this blog-post. It's an asymmetrical black dress from Cool Cat, a brand that is aimed at teenagers, but I think this dress is still quite tasteful in its own kind. Let me know if you agree or vehemently disagree!

The location is Castle 'de Haar' (kasteel de Haar) and you can find it near Utrecht in a village called Haarzuilens. Some of you might know it because it's the place where the ELFIA - ELF Fantasy Fair is held every year in April. It's a magical place and ideal for photo-shoots!

I was wearing cute pumps with a leopard print and 5 inch stiletto heels. Perhaps not the ideal footwear around a castle, but when it comes to wearing heels... all reason and sanity go out the window. :-P

After walking for a couple of hours admiring the castle and taking lots of photos and videos,.. these shoes were starting to slip off my feet. So I changed back to my more comfy T-strap 5 inch black heels once again just like with the half-pipe photos. I always come prepared!  

Does this happen to you sometimes? You're posing for a pic.. and then other people want to pass?! :-P

We shot so many clips that day.. so the video is a bit longer... I hope you won't get bored! Enjoy!