Saturday, October 18, 2014

You gotta be this tall

This will be a short post, which is sorta funny since the topic is about my height.. geddit? :-P

Quite a few people have noticed that I'm not the tallest.. and that is true.. relatively speaking. You see, I'm 1,71 metres.. or in Yankee units.. that 5 feet 7 inches. 

As you may or may not know, the Dutch are the tallest bunch of people in the world! And by Dutch, I mean the white Caucasian, raised on daily potatoes meals and bread with cheese lunches people! Not import people like me, even though I was born here (so I do consider myself to be proper Dutch as well).

So yeah, compared to white Dutch women.. I don't stand out. And compared to white Dutch men.. I'm tiny! :P Even when I'm wearing heels.

If you've been a long-time follower of my Flickr-photo page, you'll know that I've been to Japan. Now, compared to those cute petite Japanese girls, even *I* was a giant! :-P

At least, I'm shorter than this flower plant thingie! :-D

Working on the next bunch of videos, so enjoy the last two!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blue party dress in cool lights

See me almost get hit by a dude on a BMX bike! :-P

There are all kinds of clothes,.. but for me.. dresses are my favourite. And in that category.. the ones with pretty details and soft fabrics are my absolute number one! You know,.. the types of dresses I would have worn to a prom if I had ever gotten the chance when I was still young.

Ah well, not going to prom may have been a missed opportunity, but there will always be other parties. And this blue party dress from Steps might be something I'd wear!

At a certain point, it was getting a bit dark (a drawback of this season), so while we're driving back from the first photo-shoot location, we noticed the pretty lights in this outdoor hallway of the Dutch Architecture Institute in Rotterdam. The cool thing is that the lights change colour all the time! So it made for some cool effects while taking pictures and videos!

One day, when those invitations to red carpet events will start rolling in, I hope I get to do this whole being photographed by the press thing.. and that I will see shots like the ones above in the magazines! A girl can dream, right?! ;-)

I think these kind of dresses are made to be worn with high-heeled sandals, so for that,.. I broke out my 5 inch ones from Dorothy Perkins. I've had these babies for quite some years now, but they still look very pretty, I think! I do wish I had painted my nails.. these shoes deserve that.

I don't know how many of you do photo-shoots, but with me.. there always comes a moment where I'm just done posing and worrying about whether the angles are flattering, whether my hair is still properly styled and whatnot. At that moment, I just switch on the silliness.. and get a few photographs of that! :-P

And that usually means, it's time to stop!

What better way to end a great evening wearing this dress by having a tasty beverage.. cheers!

Like I said, it was getting very dark.. so after a few takes, I almost gave up on the idea of also shooting a video. However, at the Dutch Architecture Institute, the lighting conditions were quite okay.. and we managed to get a few video clips there. Almost got run over by a dude on a BMX. So.. enjoy!