Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's easy being green.. with a green summer dress!


Right off the bat, I wanted to say thank you for your kind comments to my last post which was rather on the geeky side (even though I spiced it up with some high heels). This will always stay a blog where I will post my outfits whenever I get the opportunity to wear them, but with your encouragement.. I might, now and then, post some things about my geeky side. :D

As I have said in a previous post, during my holidays in France.. I got to wear quite a number of summer outfits. And I will be showing them in the next few posts. Like with all my photo and video shoots, I'm very grateful that I can always count on someone to help me out!

This shoot was on the Sunday of my holiday and I brought this green/black dress from Steps with a cute black ribbon as a sort of belt. I love dresses and tops from Steps, because I know that a size 38 (EU) will always fit me. Nothing annoys me more than when supposedly same size clothing from one brand will vary from dress to dress!

This little village had so many nice places for photos, you can definitely see that I'm not in the Netherlands! ;-)

Looking at this back-side shot of myself in this dress, I really think I should do something with my hair. I just have no idea.. so I guess a visit to the hair saloon is in order. Any suggestions?

With this dress, I tried to make sure that there were no trees or bushes in the background. Otherwise, you probably would not see me. I think this dress could be used in the army as a camouflage! :P 

Another short video, nothing special. If you think there's something I can do to make them a bit more interesting.. I'm always open to suggestions. As much as I like doing photo shoots.. I like videos even more!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upgrades: geek and chic :-P


In the title of my blog.. it says Fashion, High Heels and Geekiness.

I will readily admit that most of the time, the blog-posts feature the first two topics. The last topic usually gets less attention. Not because I'm not a geek and also not because I don't do geeky things.. because trust me, I am and I do! :-D

Blue high heels and ASUS GeFore GTX 970 video graphics card

Usually, it's just that for my blog, I think most of you are more interested in fashion and shoes than my ramblings on science and other geeky stuff. I mean really, how often do you see an expensive video graphics card (more expensive than most shoes I desire) featured on a fashion blog? :-P

improvised multi media PC with Linux and XMBC

And when I'm not doing stuff related to fashion, science, movies, sports.. I do stuff like this: assembling a PC from old computer parts, installing Linux and testing it. Why you ask? Because this thing will eventually become a small multimedia box for my living room. As soon as I've found a cute box to put everything in. ;-)

Don't worry, the next blog-post will follow regular programming! :-P

There will be new video later this week, but for now.. enjoy the last two!