Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just enjoying the sun!


I will readily and unashamedly admit it... I love short dresses! Perhaps it's because I never got the chance when I was young or perhaps it's just the feeling of freedom compared to jeans/pants.

( btw, did you read about that woman who couldn't walk after having squatted for hours in skinny jeans? )

It might also be because I feel my legs are still presentable while I'm pushing 40. I don't know.. do you think there is an age after which one should stop wearing dresses like these?

Incidentally, as you might remember a few posts ago.. I was wearing a short blue dress which was lent to me by a friend and she only wears it jeans.. as for her, it's too short. This stripy patterned dress was given to me by another friend ( yes.. I'm very lucky with my generous friends! :) ), who basically says that this dress is a top. :-P

I'm sure there are situations, occasions and places where it's inappropriate to wear a dress like this, but when one is casually strolling along the lakeside.. I think it's okay, right? ;-)

Oh, speaking about lakes and water.. I said in the last post that I would try to mix it up with the backgrounds.. as they were all water-related.. but I couldn't help myself! :-P

So, for real.. next time, I will find something else! :-D

Oh, the video I posted on YouTube was made with both my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S6, and my video camera, a Sony HDR-PJ810. Any preferences?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The wind doesn't give a damn about glamour :-P


Okay, I lied.. more outfits with water in the background! I can't help it.. the most interesting locations have water in them! Now if only I can get myself to a tropical island with a beautiful blue ocean in the background while I'm sipping on a fruity cocktail. ;-)

Want to know the one huge drawback when shooting pictures and videos? The wind, il vento, der Wind, el viento, de wind, le vent, ... !

And the wind.. it really doesn't care whether your trying to keep your hair in style for the camera as evidenced by the photos below. :-P

Natassia Crystal natcrys black high stiletto heels

There are some shots that I would normally delete as quickly as the images hit the lens, but now they perfectly illustrate the frustrations when doing an outdoor photo-shoot. :)

I also wanted to thank you for giving me some suggestions on what to wear with my wedge sandals. I will definitely try out some of the ideas. At least now.. I won't sink in the sand on the beach!

And as long as I'm posting some of the pics that would be considered 'out-takes', I might as well post this one where I have my eyes shut at the exact moment the shutter button clicked. So much for glamour! :-P

natassia crystal natcrys beige dress black high heels

Well, that's it for today.. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

I'm really enjoying my new dedicated video camera.. and the best part is, so do my friends who now don't have to awkwardly balance my DSLR for the videos! :-D