Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Black jumpsuit and red heels - working it?


So much stuff to do, so many things to worry about.. sometimes I wish I was still that student. Back then, my only worries were passing exams, saving money for beer and getting enough sleep. :-P

Anyway, it really is summer.. my holidays are coming closer.. so it's about time to start posting all the remaining stuff I've got on my computer!

Just like how I love the simplicity of an LBD with colourful heels.. I have discovered that black jump-suits offer similar advantages. No fuss, no muss.. get dressed in 5 minutes and go out the door!

Don't you just love these heels? They're my trusty Steve Madden heels that I now own for over 5 years! I think they're timeless and classic.. and I don't think they will ever go out of style. What's your opinion?

Compared to my previous work outfit post (the one with the black and white dress), I actually think that an outfit like this is even more suited for work. Since it doesn't show any bare legs, it's more appropriate for a professional environment. Any thoughts?

The one issue I noticed when I was doing this photo and video shoot in this beautiful building: the clickety clackety noise of my heels!! :-P

There weren't many people working and walking around, so every step I took.. reverberated throughout the whole space!

There was a big empty conference room in this building.. which was ideal for walking up and down pretending to be a catwalk model. ;-)

Of course, I do have video material of that.. please try to not laugh too loud!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Casual jeans outfit - meet-up with fashion blogger Eda Guler


Hey all! It's been a couple of weeks.. work has been busy again and of course, watching the EURO 2016 Football Championships also takes up quite a chunk of my time. :-)

However, on the day that Turkey was playing against Spain, I got the opportunity to meet up with Eda Guler from Room XCV. She is from Turkey but has been staying in the Netherlands for a study program. In the city of Maastricht to be exact and some of you might already know that it is a gorgeous city.. though not very heel friendly. But when has that ever stopped me? :-P

As I've said on Instagram, Eda is smart, sweet and funny.. and on top of that.. drop dead gorgeous! It was nice getting to know each other while enjoying coffee/tea.

We walked a bit through the city,.. occasionally finding shelter from the rain. And we ended up in an Irish pub where we watched the football match of Turkey vs. Spain. Don't ask how that match went though!

While we were walking around, we saw a shoe-store with sale signs.. so obviously, I had to get my photo taken. Eda was so gracious to indulge my need for photos.

Also while walking around through the city (just take a good look at the pavement!), I thought it would be nice to have a photo take with a lot of bicycles in the background. This is sooo typically Dutch!!

Naturally, I also had to have photo take with me sitting on the the bicycle.

I don't think it's wise to ride a bicylce though in these heeled boots, right?! ;-)

Anyway, thanks for a wonderful day, Eda! All the best when you're back in Turkey and see you soon! :-D

I have no videos of this casual outfit because we were just having so much fun walking around and watching the game even though Turkey was losing, so I'll just leave you with two most recent ones! Working on the next one, though!